Man Collected His Lottery Winnings In A "Scream" Mask To Avoid Greedy, Gold-Digging Relatives

Man Collected His Lottery Winnings In A "Scream" Mask To Avoid Greedy, Gold-Digging Relatives

The man, who was identified only as A. Campbell, won the Super Lotto in Jamaica.

While the world is struggling to follow protocol and wear masks for health reasons, here is one man who knew how to put a fun mask to good use a few years ago. Say you won a life-altering lottery and in order to collect your winnings you would have to make a public appearance. Sound simple, right? Now, what if you have greedy, gold-digging family members who are sure to pounce on your wealth as soon as you make it back home?  Tricky, eh? A Jamaican man had a bizarre yet effective solution for this problem—a disguise. And not just any disguise, he made his message clear when he dressed up as a murderer from one of the most popular movie franchises in the world.

The man, who was identified only as A. Campbell, won a $158.4 million ($1.17 million USD) jackpot; in order to keep himself and his national lottery safe, he turned up as the killer from Scream. Apparently, he did not immediately come forward after winning the money but waited nearly two months before doing so, reports Jamaica Star


Campbell won the Super Lotto in Jamaica in November 2018. While he was quite shocked even months after learning that he had won the lump sum, he also grew concerned on how he can safeguard his new wealth. So, he decided to disguise himself to ward off his money-hungry relatives. When asked, "I understand you're still not feeling well right now, is that true?" He responded, "I'm kinda OK, I'm just a bit numb, a little bit," as he collected the cheque at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston during a handover ceremony.



Reports say, that it took him about 54 days before he finally picked up his winning as he became ill on November 23, 2018. It was the same day he discovered that he had hit the jackpot and become only the fourth person to have ever won the Super Lotto in the country. Recalling the moment he found about his winning, he said, "I found out (I won) the same night. Normally, I would write down the numbers from the [televised] draw, eat and then go and check my numbers. I looked at my ticket (that night) and ran into my bathroom and said: 'I won! I won!'" 



Speaking to reporters, Campbell said that he had purchased the winning ticket for $200. Although it took him long enough to come forward and claim the prize, the man had already decided what he wanted to do with the money. "I want to get a nice house," he expressed. "I haven't found it yet, but I'll be looking for one soon. I like to handle money. I don't beg, I don't borrow. So I'm looking at things that can turn over the money."


He also planned on investing the money towards expanding the business he was running. "I have a little business, so I plan to make it bigger, buy an apartment," he revealed. "I love to have money." It may come as a shock but Campbell is not the first lottery winner from Jamaica to hide his identity. Back in June 2018, a woman identified as N Gray appeared with a huge emoji mask to hide her identity while collecting her winnings from the May 11 Super Lotto.


According to Inside Edition, she planned on using the money to pay off her debts and invest the rest in a community center for the youth in her community. The woman, too, hid her face just to protect herself from greedy relatives and criminals. The news outlet also revealed that disguising oneself while collecting the lottery had become a common practice in Jamaica as people were scared of being targeted by criminals and harassed by greedy acquaintances and gold-digging family members.  

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