Pedophile Gang Leader Who Preyed On 100 Girls Released After Serving Just 8 Years Of A 26-Year Sentence

Pedophile Gang Leader Who Preyed On 100 Girls Released After Serving Just 8 Years Of A 26-Year Sentence

The audacity of this man to inflict such cruelty on innocent young girls is astounding. For him to be released within less than a decade of his 26-year-long sentence is shocking.

Trigger warning: This article contains graphic details of child abuse and sexual assault that may be distressing to readers

Ahdel Ali, who was the leader of a sex gang targeting over 100 girls, as young as 13, has been released from jail after serving just eight years of a 26-year sentence, according to The DailyMail



Ahdel "Eddie" Ali, who is in his 30s, led a repulsive trafficking gang alongside his brother, Mubarek, and five other men, in Telford, Shropshire, over a three-year period. Between 2006 and 2009, the brothers' gang would promise food, alcohol, and money to their victims in return for them working as child prostitutes, referring to them as "s**ts." Speaking on Good Morning Britain in 2018, a female victim recounted her abuse as a "whirlwind of rape," as per The DailyMail.  



Finally, in 2012, the Ali brothers, who were also married at the time, were caught and found guilty of multiple offenses against four girls aged from 13 to 17, including rape, sexual activity with a child, inciting and controlling child prostitution, and trafficking children for sex. During their trial, Stafford Crown Court heard the pair groomed two girls, aged 15 and 16, for sex before convincing them to work as prostitutes for them in 2008.

Soon, Ali was handed a 26-year extended sentence -18 years’ immediate custody with an additional eight-year period on license after release, which meant he will be subject to monitoring. His brother Mubarek, known as Max, was given 22 years, 14 years’ immediate custody, and eight years on the license, for seven offenses – four of controlling child prostitution, causing child prostitution, and two offenses of trafficking in the UK for the purpose of prostitution, involving two of the victims, according to Shropshire Star


In 2017, Ali was released early but Telford MP Lucy Allan was critical of the decision at the time as the victims and their families weren't consulted by the Ministry of Justice about this action. But soon enough, Ali was thrown back into prison after he breached the terms of his license in 2018. Allan said, "Now he is back in jail, justice demands that he must serve the remainder of his sentence in custody; anything less would show a casual disregard for the nature of his crimes and for the victims whose lives he changed forever," according to the BBC. The same year, Ali was attacked by fellow inmates armed with razor blades which left him badly injured and in need of 40 stitches. But now "Eddie" is back on the streets after gaining another early release, a fact confirmed by MP Allan. 



Allan said, as per the Shropshire Star, “On this occasion the authorities handled the matter correctly, informing relevant parties, including victims, of the tagging and the exclusion from the local area. I am concerned that the law still allows for the early release of serious sexual offenders, however, since the sentencing of Ahdel Ali and Mubarak Ali the law has changed to prevent this in the future and I am proud to have played my part in this change in the law." The Ministry of Justice stated, "Serious sex offenders released on the license are closely monitored and can be returned to prison if they breach strict conditions such as curfews and exclusion zones."



As per Mirror UK, Telford has the third-highest number of child sexual offenses recorded in the UK, just after Blackpool and Rotherham, according to the Home Office. Over the years, the town became the center of abuse with over 1,000 girls, some as young as 11, being forced into prostitution and sex by various gangs. Hopefully, such situations change and people stand against those who engage in such revolting activities. It's time to make the world safer, especially for our children. 






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